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Monday, December 13, 2004

I want my eMule!...

Via InstaPundit comes this article about the likelyhood that the MPAA will move against those operating eMule and BitTorrent servers.

I'm a big fan of eMule, and very little of the stuff I download is stuff of commercial value. I used to watch the short-lived action show F/X The Series and thought I would never get to see it again - but I've downloaded it off eMule.

I'm going to make a guess that another huge chunk of Torrent and Mule traffic is good old porno.

There are also legitmate uses for the Mule and the Torrent too - it's not unusual to see software or legitimate videos being distributed through Torrent links, for example. This brings the whole dual-use argument brought up in the Betamax decision.

One really interesting thing is this:
Participants in Tuesday's conference will include MPAA CEO Dan Glickman and Anti-Piracy chief John Malcolm; Mark Ishikawa, CEO of file tracking tech provider company BayTSP, and Redswoosh's Travis Kalanick (previously co-founder of the now-defunct P2P service was pretty much the first MP3 search engine, back around '98. It, in addition to FTP, was how MadAnthony first learned how to pirate music. It was actually a slick site, with links to Windows shares and FTP sites, as well as it's own download client that grabbed stuff off the website. It went by the wayside when Napster started, followed by dozens of similar file sharing programs - and I think Scour had a P2P client at one point as well. The founder of at an MPAA conference seems like an convicted child molester appearing at a daycare convention.


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