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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Turn that TV back on right now...

a California man is selling a remote to turn off TV's in public places. The remote sends power commands for most brands of TV's, and has one button - power. He designed it because he didn't like TV's that were in public places, and wanted an easy way to turn them off.

What an elitist jerk. Can't have people doing something that he doesn't approve of, so he designs a device to stop it.

I'm kind of annoyed by people who like to act that watching TV is a horrible evil that rots people's brains. Sure, it's not perfect, and there is a lot of crappy shows on, but there are also some good ones.

I watch a lot of TV - I own a RePlayTV DVR, so I always have stuff that I want to watch. But I rarely just sit and watch TV. There are a few shows that demand my full attention - The Wire, for example - but most of the time the TV is on in the background while I'm surfing the web, blogging, typing descriptions of stuff I'm selling on eBay, cutting out coupons, ect. I don't see how having the TV on is any worse than having the radio or a CD on.

My family has a wierd relationship with TV. My parents stopped watching it years ago, and no longer own a TV, while my Aunt is one of those people whose TV's is never turned off. I'll admit it's annoying when we visit her and have to compete with the TV, but TV-B-GONE guy didn' design the remote for annoying reletives or roomates - he designed it for TV's in public places, that people usually watch because, quite frankly, they don't have anything else to do.


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