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Friday, October 08, 2004

That article is gay!

This article's a couple days old, but I really wanted to post it. It's an opinion coulumn by a Guardian reporter about FOX NEWS.

The article does two things. It bashes FOX for being "too openly opinionated" and it says that by making comments about Kerry being a metrosexual, that they are saying that he's gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I am of the mind that the quotes accidently put on FOX's website was an honest mistake, that the fact that FOX news reporters have biases is not shocking, and that I'm sure other writers for other stations have said the same kind of thing or far worse about Bush. I also think those who complain about the partisianship of FOX are often looking at the commentators or commentary-centered shows as opposed to the hard news anchors, who are more balanced. Who would want to watch an opinion show hosted by someone with no opinions?

I think the meterosexual thing is a little more interesting, though. I don't think metrosexual necessarily means gay. I tend to think it means more that someone is overly vain, and it seems that is a valid criticism of Kerry, considering his rumored Botox treatments. It also tends to indicate culture - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you get the sense that Kerry is a guy who only appriciates culture and never mingles with the little people - like his Wendy's visit in NY a few months back that was followed by his real meal of shrimp vindaloo catered by a yacht club.

Bush, despite being wealthy, feels like a guy you can hang with, someone who isn't vain, someone that people can relate to. People don't feel that way about Kerry. He doesn't look like he would be comfortable in a frat house full of beer posters or in the backyard of a family barbeque in a small town.

I don't think the average guy - who sports a bit of a beer belly, and whose morning prep consists of a quick shave and shower, and who has never exfoliated - can relate to Kerry and his Botox treatments.

It's a fair argument if that's a good reason to pick a candidate - but I think Kerry's vanity and out-of touch vibe is a fair thing to look at, and that pointing it out doesn't mean that you are calling him gay.


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