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Sunday, October 24, 2004

No blood for oil.... for other people's cars, anyway...

Last week, I spotted something amusing while pulling into a Shell station after work to gas up my car.

It was a vehicle with a number of political bumper stickers, one of which was "No Blood For Oil". Which wouldn't have been that odd, except the vehicle it was on was a Jeep Cherokee SUV.

Now, maybe I'm wrong here, but if you are that concerned about the effect that oil consumption has on world geopolitics, maybe you shouldn't have BOUGHT A FREAKIN' SUV.

(Yes, I know the Cherokee isn't the most gas-guzzling of SUV's, and that it's not like it was on a Hummer or Excursion or something - but it's still an SUV, and it still seemed kind of out of place).


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