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Saturday, September 25, 2004

What you sayin', woman?

Listening to Teresa Kerry talk is always amusing. One of the best quotes I've heard is via WizBang - a great video clip of Mrs Kerry discussing voting in Arizonia (in godawful realmedia format). When asked about the polls showing Arizonia voter turnout going towards Bush, she says that "one state is not a whole state". I have no clue what that means. She also doesn't seem to grasp the whole point of the electoral college - that there are certain states a candidate needs to win to get elected, regardless of popular vote.

This follows great statements on encouraging kids to go naked and implying that Bush has captured Osama and is hiding him for an October surprise. The latter of course puts her fully in the left wing, moonbat side of the party (as well as credits the Republicans with a huge amount of skill to capture OBL and keep him hidden this long). It also seems like for all the Dems complain that the focus should have been on capturing Bin Laden and not on Iraq, they would rather see OBL on the loose than captured by Bush.

Anyway, if Kerry wins this thing, having Theresa as first lady is going to be interesting - she's going to make Dan Quayle and GW's malprops seem like nothing in comparison to what she says. And when GW misspeaks, it's usually fairly obvious what he's saying. When TK talks, you either have no idea what she's talking about (ie the "a state is not a whole state" quote) or you understand what she's saying, but it doesn't really seem appropriate, tasteful, or necessary (the other two).

James Miller at TCS has a list of 10 things that Bush can do to win the election. Number 4 is "promote a first ladies' debate". Now that would be fun to watch - I think lots of Americans who don't normally give a poop about politics would watch.

Now, I guess you could argue that the first lady has no official role, and you shouldn't vote for a politician based on it - and there's merit to that. But TK has a rep for activism, and it's likely that she would have a roll in a JK administration similar to Hillary "socialized medicine" Clinton - and it seems reasonable to ask if the person in that role is playing with a full deck.


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