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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Pulled up to the bumper, cuz I wants to thump her...

One of my coworkers, a nice guy in every other way, has a John Kerry bumper sticker on his car. He commented that he was thinking of taking it off based on all the negative comments he's recieved from people.

When you think about it, though, the only real reasons for putting bumper stickers with your political beliefs seem to be 1)to show people who agree with you that you support them and b)to show people who dislike the person you support that there are people who disagree with you. I mean, it's not like people are going to base their voting on a slogan on the back of a Camry - at least, I hope not.

I had a Bush/Cheney magnetic sticker I bought off of ebay. I would take it off at night and put it back on during the day, since I park my car on a busy public street and didn't want it getting vandalized. I'm not going to say that all Dems are the type who would vandalize a car, and I know that there are some Republican jerks out there, but when you live in a city that's something like 92% Democrat, there is a pretty good chance of someone who disagrees with you just from a statistical point of view. After about 2 days of this, I gave up -it didn't seem worth the effort, given my thoughts on the effectiveness of political bumper stickers, and someone who saw the sticker while it was on the car might remember and vandalize it anyway.

I have to say that I've gotten to the point where I'm almost glad to see a car that just has a Kerry sticker - it's better than one of the "BusHitler" or "ReDefeat Bush" stickers so popular among the moonbat types.

Every now and then, you see a bumper sticker on a vehicle that throws you off. For Mindles H Dreck, it was the pro-Bush beater Volvo wagon. My favorite, which I sadly don't have a pick of, was during primary season - a brand-new, shiny black Acura 2.5TL coupe with not one but two Dennis Kucinich stickers. I wonder if daddy bought him that Acura...

BTW, the title of the post is from a little-known Sir Mix song.


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