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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Master Debaters, part 2

well, that was the debate. Two beers drained, one cigar smoked, 1 box of pizza rolls eaten.

Kerry is good at talking, he sounds polished. However, Bush got a ton of good digs in - sticking up for Allawi, pointing out Kerry's votes for the war and the $87 billion, pointing out our allies, beating up on the "global test" comment by Kerry. I don't know, however, how many people who don't follow the news or blogs will get those things.

There were a couple places where I thought Bush could have responed better - especially where Kerry said that OBL hated us after Iraq. I don't remember what Bush said, but he missed the chance to say that OBL hated us no matter what.

Oh, and Kerry, true to form, could not go more than a couple questions without bringing up Vietnam. Umm, we get that you served in Vietnam - we just don't think that's a good reason to vote for you.


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