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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Here that? That's Kerry cracking....

via insti, Kerry is now saying that Bush is going to bring back the draft. Never mind that Bush has said he opposes the draft, and the bills that are in congress are sponsored by Democrats.

While he was at it, Kerry also spoke out against social security reform that Bush has advocated - letting younger people take some of the money that the government currently takes away from them and gives away and lets them invest it. But think of the old people! Never mind that more young people believe in UFO'S than that they are going to get social security. Never mind that the social security system will run out of money at some point in the future if changes aren't made. Kerry knows old people like nothing better than checks from the government, and he wants their votes. So he will ignore the impending crisis in social security and screw over the generations to follow him so that he can win this election.

Kerry was in Florida, and made a bunch of cracks about Bush living in a fantasyland - but he's the one who seems to be ignoring reality.


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