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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Celebs for Bush?

Continuing my train of thoughts on politics, celebs, and men's magazines, there were two articles I wanted to share with you from Stuff magazine, home of Randy the talking pineapple.

The first is this months interview with Nip/Tuck hottie Kelly Carlson. They don't have the part of the interview where they ask her about politics, but she is asked what she thinks of the election. She replies that she doesn't really have a pro or anti war stance, but that she doesn't think that people should be making films like F9/11 because "we shouldn't be starting a war in our own country."

Personally, I have no problem with people making shitty inaccurate films like f9/11 - good old free speech. I do have a problem with people who take a bunch of half-truths and act like it's gospel. It's nice, however, to see someone who realizes that having a smokin'-hot body and acting talent does not necessarily make one an expert on international politics.

The second interview is from last month, with motorcyle jumper Evel Knievel. He starts off saying that he doesn't like our government and that he thinks that Bush never should have brought up weapons of mass destruction. My first thought is that he's another antiwar celebrity. But no, he doesn't think that Bush went far enough - he thinks we should basically nuke the entire middle east, on the theory that they all want to kill us anyway, that that is the way they were raised.

I think the quotes are interesting. Obviously, Evel takes things way too far, but he does seem to grasp that there are people in the middle east who do want to kill us all. Obviously killing them all is not a good solution, both for logistical and moral reasons, but killing the leaders who promote the idea that the U.S. is the great Satan and needs to be destroyed (while somehow proving to middle easterners that we are not in fact the great Satan) is the key to sucess.

The other thing interesting about it is that is shows, despite all the BusHitler claims on the right, that there is more nuance to the Bush Doctrine than people on the left would like to admit - that our policy could be much less tolerant and much more deadly than it is now, and that Bush has made an effort to make it as non-destructive as possible.


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