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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Takin' stuff out of context....

Aparently people are making a big deal of the fact that that Porter Gross said he would be unqualified to be a CIA agent in footage for F 9/11.

This is the biggest taking of words out of context since the Dibold controversy, where the president of a company that makes voting machines said he would try to deliver his state to the Republicans. Of course, there is no way that he meant that as a personal statement seperate from his company, that he would donate money to Bush, to PAC's with interests similar to Bush, or anything else. Must be a dasterdly plot. People aren't allowed to have free speech rights to broadcast support for a candidate - at least not if they are Republicans.

The Gross thing seems, well, Gross-ly out of context. All Gross said was that he would not be qualified as an agent today, because the CIA is specifically looking for people with Arabic language experience and computer skills. That means that he's not qualified to manage people with those qualifications, it just means that he doesn't know everything. He doesn't need to speak Arabic languages to manage people whose job is to translate them.


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