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Friday, July 16, 2004

This post is so bad, it may cause cancer (in the state of California)

Well, I got my giant box deeply-discounted of cigars today.

While unpacking them, I noticed that all of them say that they contain/produce material that is known in the State of California to cause cancer. This might be nerve-racking, except for a few things, the first being that I live in Maryland.

More significantly, this isn't the first cancer-causing-in-cali product I've seen. So what is this other dangerous product? My digital camera. Apparently, the charging cable contains lead, and the owner's manual reads like the directions on something you would clean the bathroom with - wash hands after use, don't give it to children, ect.

It's a strange world where a digital camera and tobacco are equally as dangerous. Then again, anything can be dangerous. Life is about making decisions about how to manage risk. Sure, driving is dangerous, and so is taking showers (spoken by a guy who fell in the shower last year and walked around with a giant bump on his head for a month), but we decide that being able to get to work and not smelling like we're French are worth it, so we take those risks.

But apparently the residents of the left coast can't be trusted to make their own decisions without the government giving them some extra information that they probably already knew, or didn't care about.

(BTW, about the cigars - so far the only one I've tried is the John T's The Crowdpleaser. Not bad - slow-burning, mild, not overly flavored, and unusually moist, as a reult of being packaged in Tubos. Not sure how crowd pleasing the scent really is, though.


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