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Thursday, July 15, 2004

My new addiction-related addiction..

I enjoy an occasional cigar - maybe 2-3 a week - usually either when I'm out at a bar or sitting on my deck at night enjoying a beer while watching Baltimore City police helicopters circling above.

I'm also cheap. I've bought from cigars international and been happy with the service. I recently discovered that they also run a cigar auction site called CigarBid. They have good prices, and they will hold your items for a week to combine lots to save on shipping.

I figured I might as well buy a bunch at one time to save on shipping, so I put bids on a bunch of auctions. I ended up winning a total of 165 cigars for $44 pluss $11 shipping. They are:

Title: Professor Sila Churchill - 5-Pack
Price: $6.00

Title: Maxim's de Paris Imperial - 5-Pack
Price: $6.00

Title: Dominican Cherry Treasures - Box of 25
Price: $1.00

Title: John T's The Crowd Pleaser Tubos
Pipe Tobacco Cigars - Cherry Cream (20)
Price: $10.00

Title: Vega Fina Natural Elegante (60)
Price: $10.00

Title: Antonio y Cleopatra Tubos Maduro (15)
Price: $5.00

Title: Middleton's Black & Mild Untipped (25)
Price: $3.00

Title: Colita Cigarillo Vanilla - Tin of 10
Price: $3.00

OK, most of them aren't the greatest (even the auction listing described the Cherry Treasures as "stinky" (and I've bought them before, for 10x the price, and they are), but for everyday smokeables they are pretty good, and I've had the Maxims before and they are really good.


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