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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mousin' it

I got a new keyboard and mouse today. Ordered them from different places - the keyboard is an Eluminix knockoff from CompGeeks and the mouse is a Kensington Gamer mouse from I'm loving the mouse - huge, grippy, accurate, nice scroll wheel. I was using a wireless before and it had a lot of communication issues. $15 for a wired mouse seems high to a guy who usually buys whatever's free after rebate, but this one's worth it. They keyboard is decent - it's brighter than I thought it would be based on the reviews on fatwallet, but it's smaller than a normal keyboard, so I'm still having issues hitting the right keys, as they aren't always where I expect them to be.

I'm wondering if buying decent peripherals was a bad move. I go through a lot of keyboards and mice - partly because I use them alot and want one that feels right, but also because I they get dirty, crumby, and coffee stained from the fact that I almost always eat breakfast in front of my PC and frequently eat dinner there as well.


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