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Thursday, July 15, 2004

I guess working with AIDS victims in Africa isn't good enough...

This WaPo chat session has gotten a lot of play in the blogosphere for mentioning that the press now considers it open season on the lovely Bush twins. Several people in the chat session also complain that if the Bush twins want to show their support of the war, they should sign up for the military.

What nobody in the chat session seems to mention (and what I didn't know about until reading this VodkaPundit post is that Barbara Bush is going to be going to Africa to work with AIDS patients after the election is over (also mentioned in a few articles like this one. That seems like a very selfless thing to do, and way more than the average just-out-of collge rich American girl (or American in general) would be willing to do.

It also seems pretty reasonable that having someone as high profile as the President's daughters might be a bit of a security risk for the military, and that the Bush daughters might want to help their father with their campaign, since he is kinda running for President right now.


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