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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Anyone want to buy a bar with me?

So, I've written in the past about Field's Old Trail, a Baltimore City bar that a bunch of us from work used to go to on a regular basis, mostly for the food and conversation. Alas, the owners decided to sell it, and our regular Field's Trips ended. The bar was purchased by new owners, but it wasn't the same - the good food and friendly atmosphere was gone. I went there once, and never went back.

Evidently, quite a few other people did the same thing. I drove past the building a few weeks ago and noticed it was dark, and appeared boarded up. I wondered what had happened to it.

Then, yesterday, I was doing my normal pursuing of the auction listings in the back of the real estate section of the Baltimore Sun when I saw a listing for a bar on York Road. Could it be...?

It was - the former Field's is going up for auction on August 19 at 10am. (It's the third listing down right now, but the site doesn't seem to allow direct linking). I wish I could buy it and bring back the crunchy cheese balls and George the bartender, but I suspect I don't have quite enough money in the savings account, and that working full time and running a bar isn't going to work out.

But if someone wants to invest in it with me... or if whoever buys it needs a consultant, I will accept payment in chicken cheesesteaks and Yuengling draft.


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