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Monday, August 15, 2005

Things gone wrong...

My last post was me complaining about all the things that have gone wrong - broken cell, broken gauges in the car, ect.

Well, things haven't gotten any better. I still have no idea how much gas is in my car, and no cell phone. And yet more crap keeps happening. Things that have happened to Mad Anthony in the last couple days:

-eBay pulled one of my auctions for a computer I was selling. The computer was new in box, sealed, and listed all the software that came with it. eBay pulled it and accused me of hard disk loading - preinstalling pirated software. This sucks, because I listed it during their upgrade options sale, so it's going to cost me more to relist it, plus it delays me getting it out of my room and getting money in the bank. And it PO's me that they pulled it for no reason- like someone would want to pirate a 90 day trial of Norton AV?

-I got an email from my boss this morning that we are no longer allowed to work "scheduled overtime". I've been putting in 8 hours a week every Saturday for the last 2 years at a satellite campus we operate. I know it's overtime, and it would end sometime, but the reason that's been given - in case the new director of HR, who hasn't even been hired yet, decides to crack down on overtime - isn't very satisfying. I mean, don't you want as much overtime as possible, this way if they crack down you can eliminate a bunch - or alternatively, use it to justify why you need to create more postions. To make matters worse, they want me to continue working on Saturdays - instead of on Fridays, for straight pay. Because you know, I must LIKE not having Saturdays off. It can't be that I was doing it for, you know, the money.

-Just as I was about to leave my parents house, my mom asked me "what does it mean when you get an error message that explorer.exe can't load and you need to reinstall Windows?" Turns out my Mom's computer, a pentium pro 200 I cobbled together for her a couple years ago running Windows ME, had shit the bed. I couldn't bring it back to life - I had no software with me - so I had to leave her without a functioning computer. She actually does have a newer machine I built for her (Via 1.3ghz running XP) but she hasn't hooked it up and I haven't gotten a chance to hook it up for her and set up her email. The sad thing is I was the last person to use it, to print out a rough draft of a paper. I know I didn't do anything to break it, but I feel horrible that I was the last person to use it and now it doesn't work, and even worse that I didn't have time to fix it.

-Coming back from NJ, I hit major traffic in PA. Road construction, down to one lane, 3.5 mile backup. What ticks me off is that I knew a detour, but I didn't realize construction was going on - and PA'S messed-up road crews put the sign up to "expect delays" a couple miles past the exit I would have taken to, um, avoid the delays. Not only that, but it was 3 miles between the sign and the next exit I could turn around at - so by the time I had gotten to the exit, I was most of the way through the congestion, so it wasn't worth turning around. Thanks, State of PA, for making me waste an hour sitting in traffic because you couldn't actually put the construction ahead sign somewhere useful.

-I've managed to get a bunch of mosquito bites - all in the worst of places, like my elbow RIGHT where it sits on the armrest when I'm driving.

The only good thing is that at some point, it's gotta start getting better. I mean, can it get worse? It's not that any of these things are major problems, but there are so many, with nothing really good happening in between.


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