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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Best. Backpack. Ever.

I bought a new backpack last week and I love it. I hate to be one of those people who brags about stuff I own, because it makes me think people will think I'm getting paid to blog about it or something - which couldn't be farther from the truth. If I was getting paid to blog, I could afford blog software that did trackbacks.

Anyway, it's out of stock, so you probably can't buy one anyway. It's a Rakgear
zero g
. I had thought about buying one for a while, and I guess I got lucky since it went OOS soon after. From what I understand, Rakgear sold out or licensed their stuff to Targus.

Anyway, this thing is phat. It multiple pockets, shoulder straps with shock absorbers built in, gel-filled pockets on the part that goes against your back, big mesh pockets on the side that will hold my travel mug, a very-well padded laptop sleeve, a plastic frame for holding books, and tons of space for everything. It is the most comfortable backpack I've ever had - it barely feels like it's on, even when it's full.


At 3:22 AM, Anonymous car maintenance said...

I just got one of those for my day pack.Nothing like being prepared.I put all of my gear in the bottom of the pack and still had room for my ten man tent,hot water heater,gen-set,flood lights,big screen tv-dvd-vcr-dvr(multi-media tool),refrigerator,and a goat.
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