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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter in scenic NJ...

Well, I'm back in NJ - left a little after 1, was at the parents by 5 or so. It was actually a nice drive - warm enough that I had the windows cracked most of the way, not too much traffic, nice clear skies. It's days like this I actually like driving, although I was kind of paranoid every time I passed a bridge abutment or tree-strewn median that would have made a perfect police hiding spot - I really don't need another ticket on my record.

It's nice to see the family, and I like Easter - it's during nice weather, it's short enough that I don't go stir-crazy, and it involves ham. I need to fix my mom's computer while I'm up here - she got a virus. I'm also debating about going to an auction about 45 minutes away from the parent's house on Saturday - it doesn't look too great, but some of my best deals have been from auctions with little description.

I drank a ton of coffee today - 2 large cups before leaving Baltimore, and two more large cups on the drive. I still feel a little jittery - I don't know if it's nerves about being in NJ - especially since I had a car accident the last time I was up here - or just all the coffee - plus two giant donuts and some candy - that I ate on the drive back.

I also need to try not to think about work for a few days - I've got a few major projects looming right when I come back that I don't want to think about. I also feel bad that teh kitty is by herself - although she doesn't seem to mind ignoring me when I'm home, so I think she'll be OK under the capable cat-feeding skills of bsom.


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