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Sunday, January 18, 2009

madanthony and the danger ranger are back in b-more...

Well, the truck and I are back in Baltimore. I have to say that the body shop did a really good job - it looks like new.

When I woke up this morning at 6:30 am, to go to church with the 'rents, it was snowing. This didn't exactly thrill me, since the thought of driving in the snow was not a pleasant one, given my complete lack of driving skills. But indicated that it was pretty much expected to flurry for the next two days, so delaying going back didn't really make sense - plus I wanted to be back in b-more, where my house and my cat and everything else are.

So I left Jersey at 10:30. It was actually a fine drive - the most dangerous part was walking down my parent's steep, snow-covered driveway. I made it back to Baltimore in 4 hours - didn't hit any traffic (literally or figuratively). There was some snow flurries coming down in places, but nothing stuck on the ground.

So now I'm back, with an afternoon and evening to myself. This would be a great time to get some stuff done - run some errands, put some time in on the treadmill, do some cleaning, ect. But I haven't, and probably won't. I've surfed the net for a while, and that's about it. I just feel burnt. I don't know why - it wasn't a long or unpleasant drive, although I did get about 5 hours of sleep last night thanks to my inability to get to bed before 1 am and my parent's inability to sleep past 6 am. It may be because I was kind of worried about driving, or because it's been a long week at work last week - 16 hours of OT and a bunch of crisises Right now, I'm debating between curling up in front of the TV or curling up in bed and taking a nap, and I think the latter one is going to win.

I do have tomorrow off - thanks MLK! - and I'm hoping to actually accomplish some of the things named above - plus there is an auction I might go to if the weather is decent.


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