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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I just had a car accident. Shit.

So I decided to run to Target today to rifle through their Christmas clearance. Driving back, it was snowing - I was going to go around the Somerville circle, but figured it would be safer to take the back streets - plus my parents had asked me to swing by the bakery and pick up desert for tonight.

Come to a stop sign. I stop (I swear) look both ways, don't see anything, start moving, and suddenly there is a car in front of me. I swerve, she swerves, but I still hit her driver's side door. I guess I didn't see her between the snow and the fact that it was a dark gray car on a gray day.

It was a teenage girl delivering pizza, and of course she was hysterical, on the phone yelling at her mom. I pretty much destroyed the driver's side door of her car. On my truck, I broke the grill, bent the front quarter panel, and bent the bumper. I had to have it towed, because the bumper was scraping against the front-right tire where it bent back.

The cop was pretty decent about it - he wrote me a ticket (failure to yield, $85 and two points) - he said he hates writing tickets, but didn't have a choice, and that that was the lowest he could write. I'll probably just pay it, since I don't want to have to come back to appear in court.

This couldn't have happened at a worse time - I was supposed to drive back to Baltimore tomorrow. I still need to call the insurance company. I'm waiting to hear back from the body shop, and I left my insurance card in the truck, so they need to call me with the number. My parents offered to let me take their van to Baltimore, have the truck fixed up here, and then swing back and trade cars.


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