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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Post-debate analysis...

Ehhh. Like the last two debates, no major surprises. Analysis seems to be that both did solid, and that hurts McCain, since he's behind and needed a boost.

I liked McCain on foreign policy - again. I thought Obama didn't do as well on foreign policy.

McCain's buy up mortgages plan scares me, because, well, that giant post from a few days ago on how I think it's stupid to bail out people who bought more house than they can afford, and have it paid for by people who are actually, you know, paying their bills.

Obama on healthcare scares me, because it sounds very expensive. Insurance works by having people pay into it when they are healthy, so that when a group of them gets sick, they and healthy people have paid into it. Obama wants goverment healthcare, without people getting rejected for preexisting conditions. Which means it's going to be expensive, and cost taxpayers lots of money, because that isn't insurance, it's a handout.

The fact is, I like McCain on economic issues (except the mortgage proposal), because I think he's more small-government, low taxes, individual rights. But that's hard to sell - people want easy answers, like free stuff from the goverment and taxes on the rich. And I think that is going to make it hard for McCain to win.


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