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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Difficult, like Sunday morning...

I find I tend to waste Sundays, especially the morning and early afternoon.

Saturdays during spring/summer/fall, I tend to go to yard sales. That means I usually have to wake up by 7:30 or so so that I can hit the sales that start at 8am. During the winter, I can usually still find some reason to get out of bed on a Saturday morning - auctions, errands, ect. My Saturdays tend to have structure - I usually go to 5:00 mass, then hit the gym, so I usually only have a few hours free in the middle, anyway

But I always seem to end up sleeping in on Sunday, then spend a few hours doing nothing - sitting around watching TV or surfing the web. The one thing I do on Sundays - the gym - doesn't open until 1, and I prefer to go later because it's usually quieter if I get there at 2 or 3, since all the people who got there exactly when it opened are gone by then.

By the time I get back, give my parents their weekly phone call, and start cooking dinner, I've killed most of the day.

I think part of this is the lack of structure - when I have a lot of things I have to get done at certain times, I can focus on them, and when I'm busy it makes me realize that I need to get stuff done. When I don't, I just do nothing, and then I feel bad about doing nothing.

Actually, I've noticed I just tend to feel bad on Sundays, especially in the morning - dopey, sad, depressed - in a way I usually don't the rest of the week. During the work week, I'm generally so busy with my work/gym/whatever else I can cram in routine that I don't have time to think about happiness or anything. But Sundays, when I'm doing nothing, I have time to think about life, and I'm usually not too happy with it.

The thing is that there are plenty of things for me to do - errands to run, stuff around the house (I'm told bathrooms aren't supposed to be furry), books I could be reading, ect. But it's easy to duck these things, because they don't absolutely need to be done.

There are two things I need to do about this. The first, short-term, is I need to set goals - stuff I'm going to get done in a weekend - and actually do it, instead of checking fatwallet 10 times and watching reruns of Ace of Cakes. Long term, I need some hobbies, preferably ones that get me outside. Well, really, what I need is a girlfriend, but since I haven't had a whole lot of luck in that pursuit, I figure I need to find something to take it's place (besides porn). I'm not really sure what I like, though, besides buying crap at low low prices (hence the yard sales and auctions).


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