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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nice? Not me...

I was over bsom's yesterday, seeing their amazingly cute baby (probably a future post on that later) and mentioned to bsom my money-lending tale of woe and he told me that "your problem is you are too nice".

Which is odd. I don't think I'm very nice. In fact, I think I'm an awful person. I seldom offer to do people favors. I watch porn. I pirate music, movies, and software. I never offer to buy lunch or a round of drinks. I buy things from people who think they are worth less than they are and sell them to people who think they are worth more than they are. I never give to charity. I drive a gas-guzzling pickup truck. I don't play with my cat as much as I should. I fail to rescue injured dogs. I routinely slack off at work. I can come up with hundreds of personal failings If anything, the loan was an attempt to be a nice person for once.

Of course, a nice person wouldn't spend pretty much every free minute thinking about it and being angry at himself. He would just let it go. But I'm not a nice person, and I'm angry about it pretty much all the time.

On one hand, it's not a huge amount of money - it's not like I'm not going to eat because of it. On the other hand, I'm generally pretty thrifty with my money - I brown bag my lunch, my home PC is an outdated wreck, and all my clothes are off the clearance rack. I generally agonize over purchases smaller than the amount I lost.

Still, I don't really plan on doing anything about it. I could track down his number, call him, try to get my money back, but I don't really like confrontation, or making phone calls, for that matter. If I really wanted to be a dick, I could call his boss and tell him what he did, but I'd feel guilty if I got him fired.

So I guess I'll pretend I'm a good person and not do anything.


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