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Friday, September 26, 2008

Debate aftermath...

So, it's Friday night. What did madanthony spend his Friday night doing?

Well, I was up in my home office, with the debate on the smaller of my two monitors via my USB TV tuner, a Lenovo ThinkPad on my lap that I'm creating an image for for work, and VodkaPundit's Drunkblog on the bigger screen.

As most of you can guess, I'm a McCain fan. He's not my perfect candidate, but I think he's a little closer to small, limited intervention government.

I didn't think it started off well, when they looked at domestic issues. I hated that they both kept talking about poor homeowners who couldn't pay their mortgages (because they bought more house than they should have) and blaming corporate greed. I also didn't think McCain did a great job of responding to his attacks on small government and, while he was certainly effective at reminding people of his work cutting pork, he should have done a better job defending lower taxes and the free market.

But once they got off the bailout and into foreign policy, I thought McCain did awesome. He made Obama look bad on a few things - his talk of sitting down with the president of Iran, his initial response to Russia's attack on Georgia. He also did a great job of pointing out how much foreign policy experience he has, how much he traveled, ect. I've got the Fox News post-election spin on, and they are talking about how Obama is spinning McCain's experience as showing that he's not about change and claiming it helps him - which I don't believe, but it also kills any attacks on Palin's lack of experience.

Anyway, I thought McCain did well, especially at the end, but I think he's going to need to brush up on his domestic stuff before the next one - and to not spend all the time talking about pork, but instead deal with taxes and small government.


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