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Friday, July 04, 2008

My parents, early adopters...

My parents tend to be behind the curve on technology. They don't own a TV, their receiver has an analog tuner, their computer is a VIA C3 I put together for them a few years ago out of parts I had lying around.

I'm not exactly at the forefront of technology, but I do OK. And for the last few years, I've been lusting after FiOS, the fiber-optic internet service that Verizon offers. Sadly, it hasn't come to my area yet - they were putting fliers out last year in a neighborhood near mine, but they haven't launched yet, and my 'hood hasn't even gotten fliers. Even if they did come out, I'd have to wait a year or so - last year, I signed a two-year contract with Comcast so I could keep my triple-play discount, and I'd have to pay a hefty early termination fee to get out.

So I was shocked when my dad announced yesterday that he was getting FiOS installed in two weeks. Evidently, Verizon had salespeople out selling it and he decided to take advantage. With the promo rates they are offering, it's only a few bucks more than his current phone plus DSL, and it includes free long distance and a bunch of features he doesn't have now (caller ID, call waiting, ect).

So my dad, who still refers to his cell phone as a radio, is getting FioS before madanthony, the guy whose DVD player has a network card. Life is strange.


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