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Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's 17 inches, baby... wanna touch it?

So last year our publications department ordered a couple of souped-up macbook pros to do graphics work on while traveling. UPS lost them, and we ended up having to run out to the Apple store to buy replacements. Finally UPS sorted out the insurance claim, and sent us two more macbooks. Our CIO took one for a while, decided it was too big, and got a MacBook Air for travel and used the 17" as a desktop. She decided recently that the 17" was too small to use as a desktop, so she got a 24" iMac. So with a little dealing from my boss, I'm the new proud user of a 17" MacBook Pro with 4 gigs of ram. My boss now has my old "blackbook" (with 2 gigs of RAM and a 160 gig hard drive).

So what do I think of the MacBook Pro?

-huge screen is awesome. I'm noticing things I never noticed before on web pages.
-I love the light-up keyboard
-fast, although so far I haven't really done anything taxing on it.

-doesn't exactly fit in my laptop bag, an old (pre-Targus) RakGear backpack. I can close it barely, and it sticks out at the top - eventually I'm going to need to break down and get a new bag
-hard to balance giant macbook and my cat on my lap at the same time
-I'm still getting used the keyboard - I occasionally find myself hitting wrong keys, and I'm not sure why - it's not dramatically different from the macbook or the standard keyboards I use at work (a Lenovo) or at home (a Saitek Eclipse).

I am tempted to drag the MacBook Pro to one of those trendy Baltimore City coffee shops like The Evergreen that always seem to be chock-full of mac users, and see if it impresses any hippy machead chicks. 'Cuz I hear hippy chicks are freaky.


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