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Sunday, June 08, 2008

This could be madanthony's answer to high gas prices... if I can learn to drive it legally...

So I was getting a haircut this morning, and was paging through an old copy of Popular Mechanics while I waited for the troop of screaming kids to get their haircuts so I could attempt to explain to the hairstylist what I wanted, and fail miserably.

While I was looking through the new vehicle section, I found what could be the answer to madanthony's quest to find a cheap, fun, fuel-efficient second vehicle. It's the Piaggio MP3 3-wheeled motorcycle/ It's made by the folks who make the Vespa, and is kind of a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle, with two wheels in the front for increased stability. It's gotten great reviews for being really stable - and it gets 60 miles a gallon.

The problem is it's legally a motorcycle, so I would have to get a motorcycle license in order to legally drive it. And there lies the problem. To get a motorcycle license, you either need to pass a test or take MD's basic rider class. The class does not require any motorcycle-riding experience, but it does state that you should be able to ride a bicycle to participate in this course. And I can't.

As a kid, I had somewhat overprotective parents, plus I was kind of a whimp. I did the training wheels thing, and never got past that. I have trouble walking without falling down, so riding a two-wheeled conveyance seems difficult. I suppose I could buy a bike and try to teach myself to ride it, but I think I'd get some pretty weird looks from the people in my development - especially the 8 year olds who would probably laugh at me.

So a company has come out with a motorcycle I could probably ride, but I can't get the license that I need to ride it. Grrr.


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