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Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th....

I've never been superstitious. I've always looked at it as bullshit. Hell, given my choice in pets, a black cat crosses my path several times a day. But after today - Friday the 13th - I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is something to it.

Today started as most days do, with the alarm clock ringing at 6am and with Nibbler biting my feet. Carried the cat outside the bedroom and closed the door, and snoozed for an hour. Got up a little after 7, early enough to be at work on time. A nice breeze blew through the open bedroom window.

Then, at 7:45, while I was putting on my shoes, my cell phone rang. It was one of our helpdesk people, wanting to know what I'd done with our CIO's macbook pro and why I hadn't left her a note. Granted, she had a work order in to get it fixed, and I had told 3 people that I was picking it up, but of course they were all out. Only I could do what seems like the logical thing - fixing an important person's equipment quickly - and still fuck it up.

It was all downhill from there. I don't really feel like blogging every detail about my day, but let's just say that work sucked, and due to a perfect storm of poor planning, poor communication, inopportune scheduling conflicts, and probably some other factors I forgot, I'm going to be spending tomorrow trying to install an obscure proprietary app on a handful of computers for a very important department who is conducting training using said software at 9am Monday, as well as working on some other stuff. The overtime will be good, but I'm sure the software install will be problematic and I'm hoping I can get it working.

I was hoping to use this weekend to catch up on sleep - I had even considered giving up my Saturday yard sales to sleep in. Well, I won't be yard sale-ing tomorrow, but I won't be sleeping either. And Sunday is the Fredrick Hamfest, which means I need to be up by 4am, and I somehow need to find time tomorrow to get to the gym, and to pack my truck.


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