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Friday, May 02, 2008

scenes from bar trivia, we tall did edition

announcer: And in 6th place with 290 points, eye we tall did.

girl 1 from Liquor Chicks (the team at the table next to us): Heh. Now I get it. Retarded.

girl 2 from Liquor Chicks: you are retarded.

(we managed to come in 3rd place, winning 20 bucks, thanks to sucessfully getting the final question and betting the max. That was enough to pay our bar tab, 2 beers for me, 2 sprites for bsom, leave a 40% tip, and to stop at taco bell on the way home. And discover that they were out of nachos and mexican pizza. How the hell does a restaurant that closes at 3am run out of major ingredients at 11pm? )


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