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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Maybe I should have bought a house in a HOA with higher expectations...

I came home from the gym and running some errands tonight to find a notice from my homeowner's association in my mailbox.

My heart sank a little - what would have to do now? Would they make me install the shutters around my front door that are required, and were mentioned when I bought the house, but never again? Would they comment on my yard, which could use a mowing? Did my new door not meet their standards?

Nope. The notice was asking residents to clean the animal feces out of their backyards, because they are food for rats, and because, well, poop smells when it gets hot.

Phew. Nothing to worry about - after all, my cat Nibbler is an indoor cat, so she doesn't poop outside, and besides, she poops rainbows anyway.


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