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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maybe the Dyson isn't so expensive after all...

I wrote a post a few months back about my Dyson vac. I had trouble bringing myself to spend over $200 on a vacuum, and can't imagine spending the $499 that it normally sells for on it (mine was a refurb from woot). That being said, it is a great vac - easy to empty, great suction, and has survived the occasional "accidentally went to close to my underwear and tried to suck it up" incident.

But to put it in perspective, Lileks today has a scan of theSears Kenmore Powermate Vacuum from the 1973 Sears catalog. $189.99, which he says is $440 in today's dollars. For a vac that 1)is Sears brand 2)is avacodo green 3)is covered in fake woodgrain 4)uses a bag instead of the nifty Dyson opens-on-the-bottom canister and 4)unlike the Dyson, probably frequently loses suction.

People often forget that the price of consumer items has really dropped in the last few decades, while the quality has improved. $440 will buy you a hell of a vac today, and one that is quite a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Something to remember the next time you think the prices of consumer products are too high.


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