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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things I hate about winter..

Since I'm on a list-posting kick:

1)Chapped hands. My hands bleed at the slightest cold and wind, especially since I'm a serial hand washer, which makes them dry out. So now they are all gross and scabby looking. Lotion helps, but I forget to put it on, it feels greasy, and it actually hurts while it sinks in. Plus, I hate being the kind of guy who moisturizes. It makes me feel less masculine.

2)Scraping ice off my truck. Especially since it's always in the morning, when I'm already running late to work, and it makes my hands bleed more.

3)The ten minutes before my truck is warm enough to turn the heat on - there is nothing worse than a burning-cold steering wheel.

4)the feel of a cold wind. It just makes everything feel more miserable. It turns simple household chores, like taking out the trash, into agony, because I don't want to go outside. I've got like a month of recycling built up because I can't bring myself to go out in the cold.

5)wearing extra layers. During the summer, if I'm going to the gym after work, I can take a pair of shorts and a pair of sneakers. During the winter, I also have to take sweatpants and a sweatshirt to change into afterwords.

6)heating bills. I don't turn the air conditioner on until the temperature hits at least the high 80's. But the heat is on all winter, and the bills are getting bigger every month.

7)Ice. I have a horrible sense of balance. I am an ice pussy - I'm scared to walk on ice for fear of falling, and I walk at a speed at which old ladies pass me. I don't do all that well driving in it, either.

8)women look way better in shorts and halter tops than in bubblegoose jackets and those ridiculous Uggs boots.

9)It's way easier to throw a party when you can throw some burgers on the grill. Plus, I can sit outside and smoke a cigar in the summer if I want to.

10) There are way more hamfests in the summer. Plus yard sales.

So, if I'm going to be so negative, I guess I should throw in a few positives.

Things that I kind of like about winter:

1)Snow days. I work for a college, so I get them off sometimes. Of course, we haven't had any yet this year.

2)Christmas vacation, MLK day

3)Trader Joe's winter blend coffee, Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte

4)extended hours at the gym

5)the knowledge that summer invariably follows winter


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