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Sunday, January 06, 2008

The joys of being single?

This thread on fatwallet, in which a member pondered the how often he sees guys ask their wives to buy stuff at Costco, only to be told no, makes me wonder.... maybe their are good points to madanthony's chronic single-hood.

Well, maybe not. I don't shop at Costco. And I don't buy a huge amount of random stuff, and when I do, I usually am pretty careful about not spending too much on it.
Then again, I have bought quite a bit of stuff in the last year - Zune, Wii, lcd tv, not to mention my rotating stock of inventory for my eBay and hamfest businesses, and my random collections of old computers (right now, there are four laptops sitting in my living room, two of which actually sort of work).

I don't live a crazy life. I don't go out partying, I don't spend a whole lot of money on crap (other than crap I can resell). But I am kind of messy, I have my odd habits, I spend a lot of time doing certain things (working overtime, going to the gym) that I could see causing strain if I had a relationship to put strain on.

So maybe I should be glad that I can live life on my own terms. Still, I'd probably trade my ability to shop on my terms for the right woman.

Then again, maybe I'm not as free as I thought, as one commenter pointed out:

WhoIsThat said:

Does this happen to you?

MadAnthony said:

Nope, I'm single....

ruhroh said:

No you're not. Your kitty owns your ass and you know it.


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