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Friday, December 14, 2007

Exciting news from the world of cats...

Two interesting cat-related items from, of all places, the WSJ Opinionjournal

First of all, scientists in Japan have created mice that aren't afraid of cats. The video is, umm, interesting. The cat looks more annoyed than anything else.

Of course, the cat in the video is one that they said is unusually docile. I think if you exposed the mice to my cat, my cat would be like nom nom nom nom nom.

The second story is that Korean scientists have created cats that glow in the dark. Alas, they only glow when exposed to UV light, which is too bad - I would love it if my cat glowed in the dark, so I wouldn't freakin' trip over her all the time (or step on her tail and hear that angry "mrow!").


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