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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baltimore - not nearly as drunk as I'da thunk...

Via Vodkapundit, I find out that my home-slice of Baltimore is only 46 on the list of drunkest cities - with 100 being the drunkest and 1 being the most sober.

The drunkest was Denver, home of Coors, followed by Anchorage, Alaska, where there probably isn't much else to do but drink and shiver.

Still, I'm surprised. I thought Baltimore -home of Natty Boh and the black eyed susan would be drunker, especially since my alma mater is in the Princeton Review top 10 for "most hard liquor".

Part of the ranking is based on "how restrictive states are about where and when booze is sold", which might be part of why b-more didn't fair too badly. Liquor laws are somewhat restrictive - beer and wine aren't sold in grocery stores, unlike some states (NY and VA come to mind), and (at least in Baltimore City) many liquor stores aren't open on Sundays (as I found out as a college student on a few occasions).


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