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Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's my turkey in a box...

When I was in college, I discovered an interesting food item. It's one of those holdovers from the 60's, when frozen foods were coming into fashion, but before the microwave had been invented and made every meal available in 6 minutes (plus let stand for one minute). It was the Jenni-o turkey log - a pressed-turkey log, complete with gravy, in a foil pan. Simply plop the pan in the oven for two hours, and you are done you have a nearly-thanksgiving quality dinner - best served with instant mashed potatoes and frozen peas.

Every now and then I would think about it, and I would look around grocery stores when I remembered, but I hadn't found it in years. Then, last week, my friend bsom and I were at the Weis near my house and I spied it sitting in an open freezer case.

So that was tonights dinner, with some frozen mashed potatoes and peas. I'm overstuffed from two servings of turkey and taters, and still have enough left for two more meals...

The Box

fresh from the oven

Mmm... prefabbed

dinner is served

no, get away, kitty!


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