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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hamfest, part two..

So today was the CARAFest hamfest in Howard County. I went to sell, and bsom and two of our student workers went to shop.

I actually ended up buying a ton of stuff - to the point that I ran out of the money I had brought with me and had to dip into my till.

I bought:
-an NEC Powermate 2000 all-in-one PC - basically a bunch of laptop components mounted into the base of a 15" LCD. It was missing the power supply. Took it home, plugged it into an iGO universal power supply, and discovered that it is a P3 600mhz with 256mb of RAM - and no hard drive. (I think it takes a laptop hard drive, and I have one sitting around from a laptop that I bought from someone who spilled soda in theirs, so I'll have to throw it in). I paid $20 for the powermate.
-32 square feet of interlocking foam floor material for $25. It's going under my treadmill, eventually, to protect the carpet
-an original Apple airport, missing power supply, $5
-and the most interesting purchase - an Apple IIgs - the limited edition with Steve Wozniak's signature. bsom looked it up on his phone, and it seems like it's worth somewhere between $34 and $650 on eBay. It's complete, though, including a hard drive and controller card, so I can probably at least part it out and break even if it turns out it doesn't have collector value. We paid $100 for it - one of the students and I split the cost. Not sure this was a great or stupid move, but time will tell...

On the sales side, I grossed around $250. Sales were pretty steady, but I did sell a decent amount of stuff. There's one more hamfest at the end of the month in Westminster, and after that none until the end of January, so hopefully I'll do a little better at the next one.

I actually passed up the opportunity to work overtime today (for a new software rollout of a backend system they are doing), so I kind of wish I'd made more money. Still, it was fun, and the powermate was a cool catch - I want to turn it into a kitchen computer with a USB tv tuner I have.

After Hamfest, we went to Lotte, an Asian grocery store and mini-mall in Ellicott City. Had some very tasty beef dish, bought some groceries, went home, took a nap.

and that was my day.


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