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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Imagine the pesto-bilities

I've been trying to cook something every weekend. I was in the Weis yesterday and noticed giant bundles of fresh basil, so I got the idea of making pesto.

Pesto (in addition to being one of the characters on the goodfeathers) is another one of those foods that brings back memories. The woman who lives next to my parents used to grow a huge garden, and she'd give us fresh basil every year that we'd make into pesto. Plus, it involves little actual cooking, and involves use of the blender, the second-manliest appliance around (the blowtorch used to make Creme Brulee being the first). I mean, it's got a liquify setting. This is actually the first time I've used my blender, which I bought last year from Linens N Things for $4 after rebate and coupon, figuring I could use it if I ever needed to make girly drinks or something, but the total lack of girlies at Casa De Mad has rendered that moot.

Pretty simple - peel some garlic (I used twice what the directions said, and still probably should have used more), pick off the leaves of the basil, throw in blender, chop, add olive oil and grated cheese, heat, dump over whole wheat pasta.

It came out pretty good, although my allergies have been bothering the heck out of me the last few days, which has kind of killed my taste buds. It's also not something I should probably make on a regular basis, since it isn't the healthiest - olive oil is still pure fat.

that good green shit

mmm, saucey!

dig in!


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