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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wanna be a (tennis) baller?

For the last couple weeks, two of my friends/coworkers have been trying to get me to play tennis. I was kind of torn - on one hand, it would be a good way for me to get exercise in a more social and different environment than the gym, to learn an new and possibly enjoyable skill, and possibly to meet women who look like Anna Kornikova. On the other hand, I have horrible hand-eye coordination to the point that I have trouble taking a shower without falling down, have a fear of getting hit with flying balls, and am not a big fan of the outdoors, which I feel would be better if it had a roof over it, some walls, and possibly some sort of HVAC system.

But yesterday, I let them talk me into playing tennis with them. Which of course turned out to be the hottest and most humid day of the week, if not the month.

Playing tennis is sort of a misnomer. Essentially, one of coworker (who is really good) stood on one side of the court and I and another coworker (who is pretty good) stood on the other.

As expected, I sucked at it. Despite being hit easy shots, given a ton of advice on how to stand/hold the racket/hit the ball, I still swung like a blindfolded kid trying to hit a pĩnata, except when I did manage to hit the ball no candy fell out. When I did manage to hit the ball, it usually went either into the net, over the fence into the next court, or somewhere out of bounds.

The two people I played with were tired and covered with sweat by the end. I wasn't, probably because I didn't move around a whole lot.

I'll probably take another stab at it, and maybe I'll get bigger, but I don't think I'm going to be impressing Anna Kornikova anytime soon.


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