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Monday, August 13, 2007

It's my party...

So Saturday night I had a little birthday get-together at Casa De Mad. I billed it as a graduation/birthday/housewarming party.

Ever since I bought my townhouse, people have been suggesting that I have some sort of party. I kept putting it off because of time, laziness, and a host of other reasons, but I finally picked a date and time. I had grand visions of reliving my college days, having the kind of loud parties where a bunch of people you don't know show up and where you have to worry about the cops coming. I wanted to give my next-door neighbors, recent college grads who seem to have loud parties on a regular basis, a taste of their own medicine.
However, I managed to pick the worst possible weekend - everyone seemed to be out of town or had other plans. So I had a much smaller turnout than expected.

It was still a good time, though. I fired up the gas grill I bought last year (it was on clearance) for the first time, and it worked out well. The big activity, though, was playing with my Nintendo Wii - it's way more fun with more than one player, and it's actually fun to watch other people play it.

So it wasn't a rehash of my college days. Which in retrospect, is probably just as well - unlike a certain college party, all my doors remained attached to their hinges, nobody pooped their pants in the bathroom and then passed out, and I didn't have to spend a day picking silly string out of light fixtures. And since I've become a bit of a lightweight in the last few years, thanks to the fact that I rarely drink anymore and that there isn't as much of me as there used to be, I can't drink like I used to - I was starting to feel kinda sleepy after beer number 4.

I do, however, still have a ton of booze left, including an unopened bottle of Jagermiester, most of a 30 of miller lite, and 23 cans of a creepy raspberry beer/alcopop that was on clearance at Well's Discount Liquors.

So maybe I need to have another party.


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