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Friday, July 13, 2007

The parents are coming! The parents are coming!

So this Wednesday, my parents are coming down to visit me. I bought my house just over a year ago, and they haven't seen it yet, and I kept asking them when they were going to come down. They finally picked a date and are coming down this Wednesday for a couple days.

I feel like buying my own house was a big achievement, and I'm kind of glad for the chance to show them that I've accomplished something. Plus, I have more bathrooms than they do.

The thing is that if I want my house to look good, I need to clean it. As former housemate bsom pointed out, I really don't - I mean, they are my parents. They know how messy I am. But I'd like Casa De Mad to look decent, and that means I need to spend some time cleaning it.

But I've kept putting it off, because 1)I hate cleaning, which is why it's a mess in the first place and 2) I figure if I clean it too soon, it will just look shitty again by the time they come. But I do need to spend some time cleaning this weekend - and I also need to run a bunch of errands, hit some yard sales (looks like a good weekend), and prep for next week's hamfest. I have a wedding party to go to on Saturday, and so I won't have time to next weekend.

So I'm going to be busy this weekend, and should be cleaning and stuff, but instead I'm blogging.


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