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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Scenes from lunch, poor people edition....

Mad Anthony: Maybe I should get my project management certification. I don't have enough initials after my name.

Mrs.BSOM: One of my friends is a social worker. She's got a ton of letters after her name - they have a ton of certifications they can get.

MA: Gee, I can't imagine a job I would want to have less than social worker.

MB: Not me. I'd love to do it.

MA: I'd hate it. I can't stand poor people.

MB: That's because you're a Republican.

MA: You've got your cause and effect reversed. I don't hate poor people because I'm a Republican. I'm a Republican because I hate poor people. *

*Yes, this is tongue in cheek. I don't think Republicans hate poor people, nor do I. I do, however, think that much of the root of poverty has more to do with poor choices people have made, poorly implemented government programs that provide the wrong incentives, and less to do with evil corporations or society.


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