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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I wii-ly want one now...

So I've had four Nintendo Wii's pass through my hands. The first two were from, and went on ebay (for $390 and $290, respectively - the second one was when I realized that it was time to stop selling Wii's on eBay). The third one I happened to see in stock at Target when I was buying my 32" TruTech LCD (on clearance for 50% off), and sold to a coworker for a few bucks over cost as a favor.

But the fourth one was different. I bought it as a wedding present for BSOM and his wife. Well, not just me - four of us from work chipped in (although I still need to collect part of the money from one coworker, which means I may need to get out the golf club). I drove to a couple stores before finally finding a couple in stock, at Wal-Mart of all places. They had been wanting one for a while, but couldn't find one.

We (or should I say Wii) gave it to them on Monday while cracking lame wii jokes (like, we should make you fill out an agreement that we get the console if you ever divorce - you know, a Wii-nup).

So yesterday I went over their house and touched their wii. And I couldn't keep my hands off. I'm not a huge gamer - I have a PS2 sitting in a box that I used to play Gran Turismo 3 on, but the last couple years I haven't even played that - I've been busy with work, school, the gym, ect. But the Wii isn't like other video games - it's more interactive, thanks to the Wii-mote. You feel silly jumping around holding a remote, but it works. I sucked at golf and boxing, but I managed to beat BSOM at bowling, despite the fact that they dude took bowling in college (but failed, because he missed the final - got the dates mixed up). I sucked at tennis initially, but started to get OK at it. Wii tennis has all the fun of actual tennis, without having to worrry about taking a fuzzy yellow ball to the dome.

So I think I'm going to have to go wii hunting in a week or two, after this month's Amex billing cycle ends so I can take advantage of a month of float. Hopefully I'll be able to find a fifth one, this time for Mii.

I now understand why everyone wants them. Nintendo made a fun system, one that appeals to non-gamers and occasional gamers, to people who don't really like playing traditional video games - as well as to the normal gaming crowd. The fact that it's $250 (not cheap, but still much more approachable than $600 for a PS3) explains why most stores have a pile of PS3's and a big empty space where the Wii goes.

Well, right now I know what empty space I want to put my Wii into.... next to my TV.


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