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Sunday, April 08, 2007

MySpace is officially no longer cool...

Because I now have a MySpace page...

come on, be my friend. please.

For some reason I've resisted the urge to create one. But I've been in NJ and somewhat bored - I was hoping to get some homework done, but it's for a group project, and I'm waiting for other people in the group to get stuff done that I need in order to do what I need to do. Which is why I hate group projects - I'd much rather work on my own terms, my own schedule, and put in what I want. Not to say that I have a bad group - at least one of the members is a super-organized overachiver who makes me look like a lazy slob. I mean, even more of a lazy slob than normal.

I would have brought some books or something with me if I knew I wouldn't be spending as much time doing homework. But in a couple hours I'll be eating ham and lamb, and tomorrow morning I'm driving back to Maryland - I have a 6:30 class tomorrow night. Five more weeks and I'm done!

Until the next master's program, anyway.


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