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Friday, March 09, 2007

What nuts are you trying to ban? Deez Nuts.

Via Reason's Hit and Run Blog comes news that a Maryland delegate is working to ban hanging fake nuts on trailer hitches. For those who aren't familiar with the latest fashions in truck ornamentation, they are talking about deez nuts.

I joked about getting these when I bought the Ranger, but I wouldn't. And not just because I don't have a hitch, or because I'm too cheap to drop $25 on a pair of fake balls (I could eat lunch for two weeks on that...). I think they are tacky, as most people who don't drink a case of Busch before noon do. But I'm not convinced that they are the biggest threat to children. And as much as I hate to agree with the ACLU, there are some free speech issues. It's hard to think that plastic balls are a big enough threat to children to quell speech - it's not exactly yelling fire in a crowded theater. And there is a slippery slope - the bill would ban all naked private body parts, which the ACLU guy points out would include art like the Venice De Milo.

So while I don't agree with your desire to hang fake nuts, I will fight for your right to show your nuts. (I don't know if that sounds right).


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