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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mmm, hammy...

Well, it was a two-hamfest week, and a pretty lucrative one. I had a ton of inventory, thanks to black friday and checkout deals from the last couple months, and made out pretty well. Plus I was able to keep my buying in check and actually leave with less crap than I started out with.

The first one was Sunday in Odenton, MD. I grossed close to $400.

Didn't take too many pictures, but...

What is a hamfest without a disco ball?

better take up four spaces - wouldn't want someone dinging that sweet '97 Escort (taken outside the Aldi's in Glen Burnie)

The second was the minifest in Timonium. It's nice, because it's free to sell, it's indoors, you can drive your car in to load and unload, and I already had a truckfull of stuff that I didn't sell at the last fest. I also had a bunch of 4 gig flash drives that I kind of fell into. I grossed about $350 at that one.

I was disappointed that I didn't sell some bigger things - I have a bunch of PC cases that I got FAR that are too big to ship, and I was hoping to sell them, but no takers.

One of the odder items I was selling were toothbrushes. Ovestock had 144 ofthem cheap with free shipping, so I priced them at 5 for $1, which will double my money. I had a few people buy 5, and one guy buy a box of 24. He then opened one and started brushing his teeth in front of my table, which was rather unnerving. He didn't ask for a refund, though, so that's good...

I also had a guy complain about the fact that iPods don't work with windows 98, and that he never had compatibility issues with his walkman. He couldn't understand why Apple wouldn't make it work with 98. Gee, maybe because most people who are still running Win98 are too cheap to buy an Ipod? I mean, if you are 4 OS's behind the times, you aren't likely to be an early adopter on other technologies either...

Some pics from Timonium:

a hallfull of crap

yo, your truck is blocking my table

hey, what you gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside your trunk?

come on, buy my stuff...

BSOM is gonna tape this stuff up real good...

damn, I was hoping I wouldn't have to drag this shit home


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