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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How about a valentine's day special for single guys - maybe a bottle of whiskey and a gun?

I buy a lot of stuff online. I've bought everything from food to shoes online. As a result of that, I'm on a lot of email lists from companies I've bought stuff from once or twice. I don't usually bother unsubscribing, because occasionally a good deal or coupon code will come through on the email.

Evidently, though, there is some sort of holiday coming in the next week or so for people who actually have social skills and significant others. Unlike me. And that means that every company out there thinks they can sell whatever they sell to people as the perfect valentine's day gift.

Thus, every time I log into my gmail account, I have a ton of ads for Valentine's Day gifts for the girlfriend I don't have.

So far, the list of companies trying to sell me their stuff as valentine's day gifts has included:

-Dale and Thomas popcorn
-Dunkin Donuts

.. and probably others. As soon as I see valentine's day, my mouse moves to "delete".

Now I understand that most people aren't nearly as socially and physically replusive as me and thus have significant others, and I can't blame companies for wanting to sell more stuff. But I do kind of resent the implication that everyone needs to be paired up all the time - and I'm guessing that for someone whose just been through a bad breakup, this is probably even more frustrating than for a cronically single guy like me.

(and for those of you about to call the cops - the thread title is entirely in jest.I have no plans to shoot myself. Getting drunk, however, might not be such a bad idea...)


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