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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm Bob Dole...

Well, MadAnthony is known to sometimes refer to MadAnthony in the thrid person. MadAnthony now knows why - evidently, he is Bob Dole. Or, more specifically, according to this political quiz, I'm a 34, which puts me closest to Bob Dole politically. (Poll found via instundit

Now I like Bob Dole, if only because it takes balls to get on TV and talk about your erectile disfunction. But as many people, most elequently Eugene Volokh, have pointed out, the quiz has a lot of issues.

My biggest problem was with:

10. Which would curb violent crime most?

Stricter controls on the sale of guns
Mandatory sentences for those who use guns in the commission of a crime

Umm, how about neither? Violent crime is bad - but it doesn't necessarily mean guns. I don't think someone who stabs, burns, runs over with a car or strangles someone should be punished less than someone who shoots someone, so I think stronger sentances on violent crime in general, not just on those who use guns, is the best answer. I picked the second option, because it's slightly less useless than the first (the people who use guns in crimes don't generally buy them legally) but I don't like either answer.

And then there is:

3. What about private institutions and people? Which do you trust more?

Professional athletes or
Team owners?

Ehh, I don't think I trust either. Actually, that's more on an individual basis than as a group.


Which would do more to guarantee competitive elections?

Term limits
Public Financing

Umm, how about neither? Public financing is a bad idea - money is speech, or at least is used to buy speech, so I'm against it (as well as McCain-Feingold. But I think term limits are silly - if you don't want a person to keep getting elected, vote for someone else, either in the primary or in the general election. Since people keep voting for the same person again, term limits strikes me as going against the will of the people. It also seems to me that there are advantages to having someone whose had experience in office, knows the way things work, and has a proven track record.

One more:

15. Gays and lesbians should be able to marry or at least be treated as married under law if they so desire.

Agree Disagree

I have no problem with gay marriage, but I think the question is more complicated than that - I think if it's going to happen, it should be a vote by people in a given state, not something passed by a judge. And I don't see the lack of gay marriage as the equivilant of segregation, as some have tried to paint it.

Feel free to take the quiz, however flawed, and post your results (and thoughts) in the comments...


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