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Thursday, December 07, 2006

I think I'm a compulsive shopper...

So, one of the fun things about the internet is that you can buy stuff anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage is you can find yourself spending money on all kinds of stupid shit you don't really need... at low, low prices.

Usually I'm pretty good about controling my spending, and most of the time I buy stuff that I'm either a)looking for anyway b)not looking for but can use or c) can resell at a profit. I've bought stuff from pretty much every catagory online - food, clothing, electronics, ect.

One impulse purchase I made before Thanksgiving was a Pharos GPS from Dell. It was around $140 after coupons and rebate, and is supposed to have one of the best chipsets around. I haven't gotten it yet - it's supposed to ship 12/11. On one hand, it will be a fun toy to play with, and it may come in handy come spring, when I tend to go to lots of yard sales. While I usually go with a yard-sale buddy, which makes naviation easier, we still often miss streets and the like. But I certainly could live without a GPS - beyond yard sales, I pretty much drive to work and back, and I know the way- and given my financial situation, I may regret it come the next credit card billing cycle.

But for the king of impulse purchases I don't need, I bought 5 pairs of shoes. That was because of this deal - I didn't buy the ones linked in the first post, but rather 5 other pairs of Sketchers for a total of $59.50. That works out to about $12 a pair, which I think is hella cheap for brand-name casual shoes. My workplace is super casual, so I can get away with wearing sneakerlike shoes to work. But I don't need another pair of shoes, let alone 5 - I have a ton thanks to various saturday sales, Kohl's 50% off red tag clearance (the pair of nss skate shoes I'm wearing now cost $2 from Kohl's) and the clearance section of DSW Shoes.

But I guess it's not that bad - many people spend $60 on one pair of shoes, and I do occasionally get compliments on my kicks. I guess I've always liked to buy shoes, because for much of my life I've been fat, and lots of trendy clothing doesn't come in size fatass... so if I want to wear something cool, my feet were usually about the only place I could pimp out.


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