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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday, the loot

pic, yo!

That doesn't include a couple things - the CD that's part of my dad's Christmas present and the two pairs of the skullcandy earphones from FYE (one of which is already in use - they sound decent, but more importantly they feel good in the earhole). It also doesn't include the stuff I bought online (dvds, hd, and surge protector from staples, monster iSpeaker from, and the Tickle Me Elmo from kbtoys). Or the Jenson iPod radio I had bsom pick me up @ target.

FWIW, I just finished filling out 15 rebate forms for $269.97.

Also in shopping news, I did a drive-by past the Best Buy near my 'rents house an hour before they were scheduled to open before I rolled back south of the Mason-Dixon line. I wanted to see if there was any chance of snagging a Wii. The line was already wrapped around the building, so I figured that it wasn't worth it, since the ad said minimum 12 per store. I later found out from internet forums that most stores had 50+, so there is a very faint chance I might have had a chance at one. Still, if there were that many coming on the market, the ebay resale market has probably just been sunk, so maybe it's just as well that I drove on.


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